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Results- Analyze


Now is the time to begin your analysis of the data. But before your data can be analyzed it may need to be edited, coded and organized into some form for analysis. You might want to consider using your data in a spreadsheet software program such as Excel or SPSS.

Depending on the type of action research that you are doing can change the type of analysis you might do. Descriptive statistics describe the data and can provide information about how a group has changed over time such as :

  • Measures of central tendency
  • Mean, median, mode
  • Measures of variability
  • Variance, standard variation, range
  • Measures of relative standing
  • Percentile rank

Inferential statistics provide additional information for your analysis. For example if you are looking at how a group changes over time you can use a t-tests or Chi-Square. If you are looking at differences between control and intervention groups, it would be better to use a t-test or Chi-Square. Or if your action research is set to look at differences among more than 2 groups then perhaps an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) would be the best choice.

Consider finding a parent, colleague, or university partner(s) who already know how to input and analyze data. This assistance can make this part of the research process much easier.

One tool that can be easily used to assist in analysis is a spreadsheet. The following is a list of some web locations for assistance and instruction for using a spreadsheet to run statistical analysis.

Introduction to Basis Statistics in Excel

Using Excel's Statistics Commands

Online Analysis Tools In Excel Spreadsheets

Excel Tutorial


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