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Results - Adjustments

One of the distinguishing features of Action Research is that its primary goal is to take personal action based on the research findings. Some of your options include:
  • Make recommendations that will resolve the problem.
  • Make plans and decisions about interventions based on the findings.
  • Make program plans based on the findings.
  • Develop action plans based on the findings.

Now is also the time to evaluate your action research process and look for what needs changing. Consider:

  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Does the instrument or process that you are using need revising?
  • Did the research generate the information that you wanted or could use? And if not how could you?
  • And from what happed, were any new questions generated?

According to Mills (2000) and Kemmis and Wilkinson (1998) they suggest the following questions should be applied to your action research:

  • Does the project clearly address a problem or issue in practice that needs to be solved?
  • Did the researcher collect sufficient data to help address the problem?
  • Did the plan of action build logically from the data?
  • Did the action research actually lead to a change or did a solution to a problem make a difference?

Asking participants what they learned from their involvement empowers them to think of themselves as active learners in an environment where evaluation is something to be used supportively for growth rather than something to be feared.

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