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Reflect on student learning and teaching.

Start by reflecting on your day-to-day experiences in the classroom. Do this by stepping back and taking time to observe students in the learning environment. This may be accomplished by video taping yourself while teaching a lesson. Then, by reviewing the tape, evaluate the teaching and students simultaneously. Dig deep and ask yourself these things: Why do I do things in a certain way? Why are certain programs used? Are there things that could be done differently? If you could wave your magic wand and instantly change something that professionally concerns you, what would it be? Are there things you would like to try? What do you think would help you do your job better?

Where do I start? "What is my concern in my practice?" is where you begin. It should be a concern that YOU can do something about. It should not depend on others. Notice that the word "concern" calls attention to personal values, and you should select some aspect of your teaching that relates to what is important to you about your students' learning. It would be very helpful to discuss your concern with fellow educators in your school, to let them help you focus your concern, and to let their concerns help you find yours. If two or more people have similar concerns, so much the better!
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