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Develop a specific focus/research question.

Step 6 is the final step in the preparation portion of action research.
You will need to develop your research question in this step.

  • Keep your question open-ended. Start with phrases such as: What happens when .? How do .? What is the role .? What procedures.?
  • Consider your first attempt at question writing as a first draft, and then revisit what has consistently intrigued you in your role as a teacher. Does the question respond to this issue?
  • Remember that question writing is part of the learning process. No question will be perfect the first time it is written. You may have to leave your question in rough form and return to it later to revise it after a period of reflection.
  • Share your question with others who may play a significant role in the inquiry process. Does the question make sense to them? Do they understand the focus?

Example Format: What is the effect of _____(solution) on _____(student description) when learning _____(topic description)?

Example Questions:

  • What is the effect of an altered curriculum on student performance?
  • What impact, if any, does Family as Faculty have on teacher attitudes towards parents of children with disabilities?
  • How do Mentoring Pods impact stress levels of teachers?


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