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Brainstorm 5-10 possible solutions.

In step 4 of preparing to do action research, you will need to think about the problem/concern you will be focusing on and brainstorm as many solutions to improve the problem/concern. Maybe when you were exploring the different sources for information on your problem/concern, you came across something you would like to try. Continue to think about as many different ways to address the problem until you come up with at least 5 or 10 solutions.

What do I do next? Once you find a focus, the next question is "What am I going to do about it? Ask yourself if there is some relatively modest change you could introduce to your students that would help you help them improve the quality of their learning. If you need to know more before you DO something, then talk with them to get a sense of how they see the quality of their learning. ("Quality" is a wonderful word because it is so broad -- learning has so many different qualities -- yet it also points in the direction of improvement. Parents, teachers and students all prefer high quality over low.)
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