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Once you have selected an appropriate solution to the problem and developed a workable strategy you need to create a project timeline to accomplish the activities in the plan. This is important since resources (people, money, and materials) are scarce and they must be available and allocated. Institutions place enormous demands upon their employees and they need to know when resources are needed so they can be budgeted efficiently. To help you with this complex task there are a number of tools available.

Microsoft PowerPoint provides a template to list and display activities on a timeline and provides easy editing/ adjustment of the dates to reflect changes.

Download the 6 Month PowerPoint Template.

MS Excel also has a convenient timeline template which you can use to develop your Action Research schedule. All scheduling information can be easily inserted into a spreadsheet in predefined boxes. The boxes are objects so they can be dragged and dropped/inserted anywhere along the project timeline. Dates are also easy to add and modify.

Download the Excel template to your computer.

MS Word has an Event Planner template which you could use to schedule project activities. It provides a table to enter the event title and any additional descriptive information. Each event has columns for start dates and completion dates. The days on the calendars are color coded to match the events.

Download the Word template to your computer.

MS Project has a powerful project planner which can generate highly customized and elaborate time line graphics. It is ideal for large projects which have a tremendous amount of resources to assign and track. It also requires greater expertise to use effectively.

Microsoft Timeline Templates


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